190-PREZ - Medium Duty Powered Roller (EZLogicŪ)  
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190-PREZ - Medium Duty Powered Roller (EZLogicŪ)

Product Name: 190-PREZ - Medium Duty Powered Roller (EZLogicŪ)

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Product Description

The model 190-PREZ Powered Roller Accumulating Conveyor uses a series of 24 VDC motorized rollers to drive the tread rollers, eliminating the need for drive belts, chains or line shafts. Quiet operation, ease of maintenance, ease of installation, and modularity are just some of the advantages of the model 190-PREZ.


  • Bed - 6-1/2 in x 12 ga. powder painted formed steel channel frame
  • Overall Frame Widths: 24" & 30"
  • Rollers - 1.9 in. dia., 24 VDC motorized roller. One in each zone of conveyor.
  • Capacity - Maximum load 50 lbs. per zone.
  • Accumulation zones - 24 in. long electrically controlled with EZLogicŪ Accumulation Module located in each zone.
  • Adjustable Floor Supports Available

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