Karry-All® Low-Lift & High-Lift Cargo Trucks  
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Karry-All® Low-Lift & High-Lift Cargo Trucks

Product Name: Karry-All® Low-Lift & High-Lift Cargo Trucks

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Product Description

Karry-All At A Glance

Load & Unload Aircraft Cargo Fast
Two model heights: Low-Lift & High-Lift
Hauling Cargo Cross-Town, Warehouse, Airport
Speed, Reliability, & Economy
Designed For Ease Maintenance

Kornylak manufactures two models of Karry-All® cargo lift trucks; the high-lift and low-lift. The high-lift Karry-All® is designed to load and unload aircraft cargo fast. The low-lift Karry-All® is designed for hauling cargo to destinations across-town to plant-sites, warehouses, or rail, air, or water shipment points. Both models have unprecedented speed and economy.

The Karry-All® embodies a 96" x 260" adjustable-height cargo deck, which has two independently powered rows of conveyor rollers that make up the automated cargo system. The conveyors are controlled from either the driver’s cab or a remote control unit. The high-lift can carry two air igloo pallets or air cargo pallets. The low-lift can carry ten 42" x 48" pallets. Both Karry-All's can load or unload them selves very quickly, usually in under a minute in powered mode.

Van Body Or Tarp Body.
Both the low-lift and high-lift Karry-All's have a van body or tarp body option available. The tarp and van bodies allow for cargo loading and unloading in all types of weather conditions.

Modular Design
The Kornylak concept of modular design makes the Karry-All® a maintenance man's dream come true. The cab can be unbolted and removed form its tubular steel frame for servicing. The hydraulic components are arranged for quick and easy access. The engine and transmission are one modular assembly that go in and come out in easily and simply.

Objective: Economy
The Karry-All® offers three way economy: as an elevator, as a ramp unit, and as a transport truck. The Karry-All's versatility gives you more cargo mobility per dollar; plus it gives you the 'round-the-clock' utilization you strive for.

Objective: Reliability
Everything about the Karry-All® has been designed for rugged service, fastest possible cargo handling, and simplicity of maintenance. Not just a truck, the Karry-All® is a moneymaking cargo handling tool.

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Karry-All® Low-Lift & High-Lift Cargo Trucks

Company Details

Since 1946, the Kornylak Corporation has been a consistent innovator and pacesetter in the fields of innovative wheel designs, material handling, cellular processes, special vehicles, and military equipment. In each field, equipment and... more

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