190-NSP - Medium Duty (Spool)  
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190-NSP - Medium Duty (Spool)

Product Name: 190-NSP - Medium Duty (Spool)

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Product Description

The Model 190-NSP live roller spool conveyor is a general transport conveyor with the capabilities of accumulating products with back-pressure. Quiet operation, versatile design, easy installation and maintenance make the 190-NSP conveyor a valuable component in operations requiring high performance with minimal downtime. * Bed - 9-1/2" x 12 ga. formed steel channel frame, powder painted * Roller-1.9" dia. x 16 ga. galvanized spaced every 3" * Overall Frame Widths: 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 30", 34", 36", 40", & 42" * Underside Drive (standard) * Motor - 1/2 HP standard-2 HP max. * Adjustable Floor Supports Available * Capacity - Maximum load per powered roller; 15 lbs., not to exceed rated capacities * Reversible Availability: - 24-Hour Stockyard (contact for sizes available)

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