24VDC Powered Roller Conveyor  
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24VDC Powered Roller Conveyor

Product Name: 24VDC Powered Roller Conveyor

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Product Description

A modular roller conveyor product powered by ultra quiet 24 volt motorized rollers. Designed to transport and accumulate cartons and totes over a wide variety of applications including transfers, curves and inclines. Features and Benefits * Safe 24 Volt DC Operation * Motion on Demand * Modular zone and section lengths * Plug and Play electrics * Factory pre-wired drive power * “O” ring driven rollers * Singulation and slug release * Quiet – 60 db @ 200 fpm * Power Roller rated for 15,000 hours * 10 & 12 gauge frames - standard height 6-3/4" * Five standard widths: 16", 20", 24", 30" and 36". Consult factory for non-standard widths * Variable zone lengths * 2" – 3" roller centers * 1.9" Steel roller standard * Side frames pre-punched roller axle patterns, drive module, photoelectric sensor and reflector * Itoh Denki 1.9" diameter continuous duty variable speed 24V brushless motor * Lifetime lubrication * Maximum motor cycle time is 1.5 seconds on .5 seconds off with 50 lb. Load (30 cycles per minute) * Electric roller brake (Optional) * In-frame Polarize Retro Reflective sensor or between the roller diffuse sensor

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24VDC Powered Roller Conveyor

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