Heavy Duty Macrobelt® Conveyors For Material Handling  
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Heavy Duty Macrobelt® Conveyors For Material Handling

Product Name: Heavy Duty Macrobelt® Conveyors For Material Handling

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Product Description

Macrobelt At A Glance

Aluminum Belt Conveyor
Heavy-Duty Design
Smooth, Flat Belt Surface
Belt Widths Up To 25 Feet
Versatile Design For Versatile Applications

Smooth, Flat
Macroblets are heavy-duty conveyors with smooth, flat surface and ideal for all types of material handling and conveying operations. Adjacent interlocking plates mate precisely across the full width of the conveyor with almost no visible step. This accurate alignment combined with the smooth flat top of each plate results in an unusually flat and smooth belt surface. This condition is maintained by the high stiffness of the plates, and heavy duty ball bearing rollers.

Macrobelt® is ideal for high accurate processing. A typical example is shown in the photo where Macrobelt's smoothness and flatness produces high level of product surface quality and thickness uniformity of the product.

Heavy Duty
Macrobelt® comes standard with a heavy duty uniform loading of 600 pounds / square foot with limited belt deflection. This is standard with belt support tracks on 2 foot centers. For lighter loading or larger acceptable deflection, the track spacing can be increased. 1200 pounds / square foot can be achieved with tracks on 12 inch centers.

These high ratings result from the thick belt section and the massive integral ribs. Heavy duty anti-friction rollers and a smooth wear resistant track permit full load speeds up to 200 feet / minute.

The belt is of high strength aluminum alloy. Its high heat conductivity makes it ideal for heating or cooling from the interior of the conveyor.

Wide Belt
Macrobelt® conveyors come in belt width up to 25 feet. All are made up of smooth, flat, tightly interlocking sections.

Wide Use
Unlimited uses for Macrobelt® stem from its unusual array of superior advantages: width, flatness, stiffness, high load capacity, close fitting joints, low power requirement, bright finish, corrosion resistance, aluminum alloy surface, rapid heat transfer, self tracking, attractive fully enclosed construction, fixture mounting capability, accurate indexing or smooth continuous flow.

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Company Details

Since 1946, the Kornylak Corporation has been a consistent innovator and pacesetter in the fields of innovative wheel designs, material handling, cellular processes, special vehicles, and military equipment. In each field, equipment and... more

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