Model BRC Cantilever Rotary Brush  
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Model BRC  Cantilever Rotary Brush

Product Name: Model BRC Cantilever Rotary Brush

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Product Description

WHAT IS IT? The Model BRC is a motorized brush style conveyor belt cleaner for use in a variety of heavy-duty applications. The BRC is a unique brush style belt cleaner in that it installs, adjusts, and maintains all from one side of the conveyor. The Model BRC will work in wet or dry applications, as well as on a variety of organic materials and metal fines. The powered brush turns in the opposite direction of the belt in order to throw the dislodged material back into the WHY IS IT NECESSARY? The Model BRC is a good choice for use as a standalone belt cleaner, and makes an excellent secondary belt cleaner when used behind one of our bladed primary cleaners in the more aggressive applications.

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