Kornylak Pioneered Palletflo® Urethane Wheels For Pallet Flow Live Storage  
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Kornylak Pioneered Palletflo® Urethane Wheels For Pallet Flow Live Storage

Product Name: Kornylak Pioneered Palletflo® Urethane Wheels For Pallet Flow Live Storage

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Product Description

Pallet Flow Gravity Conveyors

Safe and Reliable
Controls Speed Smoothly and Safely
Protects Products from Damage
Flows Mixed loads in a Single Lane
Handles all standard Wooden Pallets
Compensates for Pallet Imperfections

Custom Designed for Your Application
Available for Systems of All Types and Sizes
Flows All Types of Products
Serves Cool Rooms and Warehouses
Adaptable to Unit-Load Applications

Maintenance Free
Saves Floor Space and Handling Equipment
Eliminates Excessive Handling/Slave Boards
Quickly and Easily Installed
Assures Stock Rotation
Reduces Product Handling
Expedites Loading / Unloading
Eliminates Mechanical or Electrical Devices

Palletflo® wheels were designed as the ultimate gravity powered conveyor wheel. The Palletflo wheels are assembled into single or double row rails. These rails are then placed as 2, 3 or 4 rail sets into new or existing storage racks at about .4 inches per foot of slope.

Palletflo increases the efficiency of your warehouse space by as much as 60%. It replaces the inefficient aisle-hogging standard two deep racks or four deep push back racks with just two aisles, one for entry and one for exit. In fact there are Palletflo live storage systems in use today with lanes as long as 120 feet.

Palletflo will work with most standard pallets and even pallets with warped or split bottom boards. When the pallet is loaded on the Palletflo rails, gravity pulls the loaded pallet down the length of the rails, called a lane. The loaded or empty pallets flow smoothly and come to a safe and gentle stop without toppling their load and without the need for brakes.

The Palletflo wheels have a tire made of urethane designed to dissipate the kinetic energy of the moving pallet. This dissipation is known as the hysteresis effect. What makes Palletflo better than other gravity conveyor systems? With Palletflo each wheel acts as a brake allowing you to place light or heavy loads in the same lane. The heavy loads compress the urethane more, which causes a greater hysteresis effect. Best of all, the Palletflo system requires no maintenance, no adjustments, no power, and no control system, which saves you time and money.

Stainless steel Palletflo wheels are also available for use in food manufacturing and elsewhere. You are also able to order your wheels without grease if needed.

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Company Details

Since 1946, the Kornylak Corporation has been a consistent innovator and pacesetter in the fields of innovative wheel designs, material handling, cellular processes, special vehicles, and military equipment. In each field, equipment and... more

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