Bulk handling expertise boosts Egyptian cement production
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Bulk handling expertise boosts Egyptian cement production

Bulk handling expertise boosts Egyptian cement production

:: 04 July, 2008

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Sheffield-based materials handling equipment manufacturer Geo Robson has recently completed the installation of a £2.3m bulk conveyor system for Alexandria Portland Cement, now part of Blue Circle Cement. The system is part of an investment to add a 5th kiln to the plant, handling limestone from reception, crushing and grading and though to the cement manufacturing process.Delivery vehicles feed primary crushed limestone up to 150mm grade into two reception hoppers. Variable speed apron feeders discharge each hopper at a rate of 1,000 tonnes per hour onto 1,200mm wide trough belt conveyors for transfer to screening and crushing. The limestone is fed through the screening and crushing system to reduce the grade to less than 25mm. Crushed and graded limestone is elevated and transferred around 500m via three 1,200mm trough belt conveyors to the storage area.

Using a tripper on the final Robson belt conveyor the material is discharged onto two storage mounds with a capacity of up to 30,000 tonne each. In addition Robson specified and designed a 100m extension to the storage unit to provide additional capacity.

A reclaimer supplied by Robson extracts the limestone from store and feeds the material to the kiln at up to 750 tonne per hour, using three 1000mm wide trough belt conveyors totalling some 450m. In addition three other 800mm wide trough belt conveyors are used to feed iron oxide and other additives to the process.

Blue Circle Cement, part of the Lafarge Group, took over Alexandria Portland Cement while the expansion programme was under discussion and changed the original plan to add a wet process system to a dry process. As Robson had successfully completed a number of bulk handling projects for Blue Circle Cement and the Lafarge Group in the UK, the company felt confident it could depend on Robson to handle a similar project in Egypt.

Robson designed the entire bulk handling system including the storage extension. While the company manufactured a number of critical precision components in its modern 13,500 sq m facility in Sheffield, bulk fabrication work was carried out in Egypt under supervision, to reduce freight costs and to complete the project within the timescale. A local engineering company contracted directly to Blue Circle built the storage extension to Robsonís design and specification.

Having carried out the design, manufacture and supervision of installation work, Robson completed the project with a team of on-site commissioning engineers to ensure the system was running efficiently and to specification.

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