Cardiff International Airport has Started Newly-Doubled Baggage Handling and Screening Equipment for Increasing Passenger Growth
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Cardiff International Airport has Started Newly-Doubled Baggage Handling and Screening Equipment for Increasing Passenger Growth

Cardiff International Airport has Started Newly-Doubled Baggage Handling and Screening Equipment for Increasing Passenger Growth

:: 12 March, 2008
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Increasing numbers of business and leisure travelers from the West of England will benefit from a £350,000 investment by one of the UK’s fastest growing regional airports to double the capacity of its state-of-the-art baggage handling and screening system.

In the past year, passenger numbers on scheduled services at Cardiff International Airport have increased by 31% - boosted by low-cost airline, bmibaby, choosing Cardiff as its second UK hub.

The airport is also seeing increasing numbers of passengers crossing the Severn from Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, and the West-country, as they discover that the airport is just 45 minutes from the M4/M5 interchange at Almondsbury – and has the lowest airport car-parking charges south of Manchester.

The newly-doubled baggage handling and screening equipment, which includes a high-speed automated explosives detection system, has been installed to continue the provision of high safety standards while the growing baggage volumes are handled swiftly and without delay.

Jon Horne, Managing Director of Cardiff International Airport, said: “Continually improving the service we offer to passengers is a priority for us and this latest development is geared to ensuring the highest standards of security and facilitation are achieved for the rapidly growing number of passengers using the airport. We have an ongoing development programme to keep pace with growth and our regular passengers will see a number of changes happening this year.”

Geared to serving the 24 check-in desks at the recently expanded airport terminal, the new hold-baggage handling and screening system was installed by baggage handling specialist Geo Robson and incorporates the latest x-ray technology, providing 100% screening for up to 2000 items of luggage per hour – including large and bulky packages.

Plans for coming months include an extension to the departure lounge, plus doubling the size of the security area.

Note for Baggage Handling System
A Baggage Handling System (BHS) is a type of conveyor system installed in airports that transports checked luggage from ticket counters to areas where the bags can be loaded onto airplanes. A BHS also transports checked baggage coming off of airplanes to baggage claims or to an area where the bag can be loaded onto another airplane.

Although a BHS's primary function is the transportation of bags, a typical BHS will serve many other complex functions involved in making sure that a bag gets to the correct location in the airport. The process of identifying a bag, and the information associated with it, to make a decision on where the bag should be directed within the system is known as sortation.

In addition to sortation, a BHS typically also performs the following functions:

Detection of Bag Jams
Volume Regulation (to ensure that input points are controlled to avoid overloading system)
Load Balancing (to evenly distribute bag volume between conveyor sub-systems)
Bag Counting
Bag Tracking
Redirection of Bags via Pusher or Diverter
Merging of Conveyor Lines

About Cardiff International Airport
Cardiff International Airport is the main airport for Wales serving the capital, Cardiff, as well as South and West Wales.

It is located in the town of Rhoose, Vale of Glamorgan, approximately 12 miles (19 km) south-west of Cardiff, the country's largest city and commercial capital. The airport is also known as Cardiff-Wales or Rhoose Airport, after the village nearest to the airport.

As the only airport in Wales offering international scheduled flights (the other offering scheduled flights being Anglesey Airport), Cardiff Airport is served by scheduled, low-fare, business and charter carriers, and also supports corporate and general aviation. Flights to Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands and UK destinations are dominant at the airport, although services to several other European countries, the USA and Canada also operate regularly.

bmibaby is the largest scheduled airline at the airport, with Flybe, Thomsonfly and Thomas Cook Airlines also having a large prescence.

The airport is owned by TBI plc, part of the abertis group, the same company which owns London Luton, Belfast International and Orlando Sanford airports.

On 21 February 2007, the airport announced that the airport would see the first Public Service Obligation (PSO) service to be operated in Wales. Inverness based airline Highland Airways would fly several services each day between Anglesey Airport and Cardiff. BAe Jetstream 31 aircraft were allocated to the route and it was hoped it would provide a quicker alternative to commuters travelling between North and South Wales, who otherwise rely on the A470 road or rail. The PSO service would be subsidised by the Welsh Assembly Government for three years; after this period, the route must be completely viable to continue. In May, the Anglesey service was claimed as a success, with over 1,000 seats being booked on the service within weeks of its announcement. There are options for up to 10 flights a day.

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