Burn Resistant, Flame Resistant conveyor belt
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Burn Resistant, Flame Resistant conveyor belt

:: 03 February, 2010

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Burning-resistant conveyor belt.

The main structure:

Followed by high temperature burning layer, transition layer, the organic insulation layer, a strong heat-resistant layer and layers.


Produce high-temperature plastic case covered microporous carbonized layer, with ignition-resistant and able to bring the heat to prevent further transmission of the body, reducing the internal strength of the role of tape. The carbonized layer with physical functioning in the process, generate irregular small cracks, use with body cooling.

Using the diameter of the structure of inorganic materials, as ignition-resistant conveyor belt frame materials, the use of reinforcing materials to address the past use of high-temperature carbonization of cotton canvas, nylon, polyester canvas shrinkage deformation of the difficulty of high-temperature, high temperature strength with a loss, non-shrink characteristics of the deformation.

Gum paste unique formula designed to ensure that the rubber reinforcing material and bonding strength between the heat with much higher than ordinary, and the high temperature bonding strength between layers ≥ 3N/mm.

Materials subject to temperature 200-600 ℃, the instantaneous 800 ℃.

The latest types of burn-resistant conveyor belt: metal mesh core conveyor belt

Metal spiral with the core network with the overall core, ignition-resistant, high temperature, flame retardant, resistant to puncture, tear, elongation of small, high strength bonding between layers, into a good groove, curing 100 percent joint efficiency, joint operation time is short and simple. Among them, the metal mesh core temperature of the use of high temperature resistant conveyor belt 150 ℃ -200 ℃; ignition-resistant metal mesh conveyor belt core temperature of the use of 200 ℃ -800 ℃; metal core conveyor belt in the use of different temperatures are well performance.
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