Blue conveyor belt targeted at food processing market
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Blue conveyor belt targeted at food processing market

:: 25 January, 2010

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The company, a subsidiary of Switzerland-based Habasit, has introduced a new conveyor belt with its blue Habilene coating for the food market.
Colored equipment allows processors to better trace back pieces that could possibly break off and contaminate food products. Habasit said it choose blue, as this color rarely exists in foodstuffs.
"Other benefits include significantly improved product visibility and since blue material is less reflective than smooth white surfaces, there is far less interference with optoelectronic devices," the company stated in a press release.Habasit said it worked closely with the industry in order to develop the blue range. Habasit recently introduced several new products to its existing range of blue polyurethane and silicone coated fabric belts.
"Newly released to the market is a conveyor belt with a blue Habilene coating, another solution within the poloyolefine coated Cleanline range, specifically developed to improve the release properties of sticky foodstuffs," the company stated.
The company also produces a oil and fat resistant PVC coating, colored blue and branded as HySAN.
Blue-coated conveyor belts have been steadily gaining a higher share in bakery, biscuit, dairy, meat, fish and poultry processing plants because they provide better food hygiene, the company stated.
The UK Habasit division of the company is based in Silsden near Keighley. The UK Rossi division offers a range of gearmotors and gear reducers. For more information,please visting

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