Thegluedepot introduces Flexane Belt Repair Kit from Devcon
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Thegluedepot introduces Flexane Belt Repair Kit from Devcon

:: 25 January, 2010
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Conveyor belts receive extreme wear from the impact and sliding abrasion of large size aggregate. Mechanical clips can be used to temporarily repair torn or worn areas of the belt. Other options include vulcanizing or replacement. Both are expensive and involve lengthy unscheduled shutdowns costing thousands of dollars per hour. In many cases, belts might not be accessible to repair equipment.


Devcon Belt Repair Kit is now available thru Users received all necessary materials for making long lasting repairs to conveyor belts. The kit comes complete right down to the gloves to keep your hands free of urethane. To make repairs, roughened the damaged area using a grinding machine and wire wheel attachment, clean the surfaces using Devcon Cleaner Blend 300, prime the rubber and metal parts with the enclosed primers,then apply the Devcon Flexane urethane and smooth over with the enclosed putty knife.

Urethanes are 100% solids and bond well to rubber and metal. They are also very resistant to abrasion and in many cases will outwear the rubber belt material. Holes that do not damage the overall integrity of the belt can also be repaired by applying mesh material and coating the area with urethane. Urethanes are available in a wide variety of duromters and curing times. Urethanes can also protect equipment where there is sliding abrasion, vibration, expansion, or contraction.

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