Safe Conveyor Intoduces Easy Access Slide Gate Conveyor
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Safe Conveyor Intoduces Easy Access Slide Gate Conveyor

Safe Conveyor Intoduces Easy Access Slide Gate Conveyor

:: 08 October, 2009

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Swansea, MA., (October 5, 2009). An innovative conveyor system that features a gate mechanism that works like a sliding draw to open and close without gas springs is being introduced by Safe Conveyor©. This new design called Slide Gate™ is a unique approach to creating pathways for easy access.

Conveyors in the factory act like the streets in a busy city, efficiently flowing material and products from place-to-place. Gates are the crosswalks that keep us from being trapped by the conveyor lines. Safe Conveyors new Slide Gate™ is a simpler and safer way to provide quick and easy access around the factory floor. To walk through the line, you only need to lift the handle, slide the gate, walk through and then slide the gate closed. Sensors automatically stop and restart the conveyor when you are through.

This new Slide Gate™ is part of Safe Conveyor’s modular power belt system. The conveyor is powered by a 25W variable speed drive and has opening ranges up to 32” (The same size as most doors.) Overall unit lengths for the conveyor with gate start at 84” long by 28” high and are available in sides from 9” – 24” wide. They are shipped fully assembled and can by quickly installed on stands with “T” slot hardware.

For additional details about the all-new Slide Gate™ Conveyor, please contact the company at: (508) 689-7849. Additional information about the company and its products, including a web-based video showing a Slide Gate Conveyor in operation, can be viewed at

Safe Conveyor Inc.
Based in Swansea, MA., Safe Conveyor Incorporated is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of portable modular conveyors that are designed to be easy to operate and install. For more information about Safe Modular Conveyor, visit our website at or call 508-689-7849.

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