Conveyor drives for coal mine expansion project
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Conveyor drives for coal mine expansion project

Conveyor drives for coal mine expansion project

:: 04 October, 2009

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Gearbox manufacturer Hansen Transmissions has designed the conveyor drives for a coal mine expansion project in the Witbank/Middelburg area.

Hansen Transmissions project manager Ludwig Maier says that the end-users of the project are well acquainted with the Hansen Transmissions product and service ethic, which makes the task of choosing the products for the project much easier.

“The bulk of our portion of the project consists of orders placed in May and October 2008. The first order for overland conveyors, placed in May 2008, specified the supply of 35 drives designed for installed powers ranging from 160 kW to 690 kW. An additional two orders for a 
315-kW breaker drive with fitted barring drive were confirmed in October 2008, followed, in March 2009, by an order for nine drives for installed powers of 160 kW 
to 355 kW, destined for the project’s stock-yard,” he explains. The October 2008 order was for the plant part of the project and consists of 15 drives ranging from 7,5-kW travel drives to the larger 340-kW drives.

The company will be supplying a total of 61 gear units, consisting of three geared motors, two I4 units and fifty-six P4 units for the expansion project.

Maier says that more than 90% of the units will be conveyor drives, but that Hansen Trans-
missions will also be providing a breaker 
drive with barring drive and two travel drives for the shuttle conveyors. “Specified modifications presented no undue delays in planned delivery dates, as Hansen Transmissions is able to meet the specification demands of all the applications.”

The company is building all the gear-boxes for the project in parallel, which means that the delivery programme runs from March 2009 to early 2010. “The customers are taking care of installation, but we will be involved with the commissioning and will most likely assist with maintenance throughout the early stages of operation. Currently, there is no service contract between Hansen Transmissions and the customer; however, we are quite convinced that a contract will be on the agenda after commissioning,” says Maier.

Hansen Transmissions MD Fritz Fourie emphasises that the company offers sound customer relations with a superior Hansen Transmissions product range. “Our products are always in demand because they are engineered for excellence and energy efficiency.”

Meanwhile, Hansen Transmissions South Africa is part of Hansen Transmis-sions International, an established global wind-turbine gearbox and industrial gearbox designer, manufacturer and supplier and provides durable gear drives for a wide range of industrial applications. Its principal manufacturing facilities, in Belgium, comprise a wind-turbine and industrial gearbox plant, in Edegem (Antwerp), and a fully inte-grated, dedicated wind-turbine gearbox manufacturing facility in Lommel (Lim-burg). The Hansen group employs over 
2 400 people worldwide.

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