France - Conveyor and waterway
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France - Conveyor and waterway

France - Conveyor and waterway

:: 01 October, 2009

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With a conveyor belt and use of port facilities along the Seine, the circulation of 120 000 trucks per year is avoided.
Operate a new quarry in a tourist area, avoiding entirely the use of trucks. Reuse of port facilities close to transport aggregates by river.
The deposit-Muids Daubeuf is situated on a plateau overlooking the Seine Valley, a region with a large number of tourists. This new site does not use a road network suitable for transporting materials careers. Finally, Lafarge has at Bernières-sur-Seine, on the opposite bank of equipment that enables the delivery of aggregate by barge to the center of Paris.

Lafarge has built a network of conveyor belts 7 km in length to deliver the aggregates to the new career facilities Bernières sur-Seine. This band borrows including a conveyor tunnel drilled to preserve the cliffs and calcareous grasslands overlooking the valley. Further, the Seine is crossed by a suspension bridge. In Bernières, aggregates are processed and shipped by barge industry, each taking the equivalent of 200 trucks. In total, with the conveyor belt and use of the waterway, around 120 000 lorry journeys representing 9 600 000 km traveled annual that are avoided.

The conveyor belt is a fully integrated landscape perspective. No truck is necessary for the quarry and aggregates are transported to market by river.

Approximately 9 million €.

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