UDOT turns to conveyor system to move dirt east to west
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UDOT turns to conveyor system to move dirt east to west

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UDOT turns to conveyor system to move dirt east to west

:: 23 September, 2009

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A conveyor belt system will take nearly 14,000 dump truck trips off 1900 West while moving 600,000 cubic yards of dirt for the Hinckley Drive extension project.

The Utah Department of Transportation needed to move the fill dirt from the east side of 1900 West to the west side. Rather than filling dump trucks with dirt to be driven to the construction site, subcontractor Staker and Parsons Co. was authorized to use a conveyor system nearly half a mile long to do the job. That will eliminate 14,000 round trips that dump trucks otherwise would have to make across western Weber County's busiest road.

"A lot of times we haul materials a lot farther away," said Vic Saunders, public involvement manager for UDOT. "In this case, it's right across the street. This is a better solution. It takes the material over the roadways without stopping the traffic."

The conveyor system begins in a pit on the east side of 1900 West, north of Hinckley Drive.

It will convey fill materials up the steep slope, over the top of 1900 West, and down the west side, where it will be moved to the areas that require the fill.

"The big benefit is we don't have all those trucks on the roadway that would have an impact on the traffic there," Saunders said.

"It's a system that's safe. Not having to deal with a lot of trucks is a good thing."

Saunders said that the contractor wouldn't divulge how much the system costs, but he estimates it will cost more than $1 million to have the system working on the site.

Moving fill across 1900 West is just the beginning of the Hinckley Drive construction project. UDOT is working to extend Hinckley Drive westward from 1900 West to Midland Drive.

The extension will include a new bridge structure over the Union Pacific Railroad/Utah Transit Authority FrontRunner rail corridor, a smaller bridge over the former Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad right of way, and a new intersection at Midland Drive and 3600 South in West Haven. The project is slated to be completed in fall 2010.

The conveyor will be in use until January or February, Saunders said, but all the fill should be transferred by late December.

Saunders said the conveyor system will not only keep trucks off the road, but will also speed up construction because trucks won't be waiting for traffic. It also will reduce the stress on drivers who would have had to wait for trucks to cross the highway.

"This is just something that will save us a lot of time on Hinckley Drive," he said.

"We're confident it will be safe and help us complete our work.

Release link: http://www.dot.state.ut.us/main/f?p=100:pg:0::::V,T:,1

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