A new transmission system for conveyors
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A new transmission system for conveyors

A new transmission system for conveyors

:: 13 August, 2008
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Rolls engines Power Moller ฎ with the pulley VG open new horizons for conveying systems that are often powered by synchronous belts or pine nuts / chains.


• New pulley sturdy metal with precision bearings.

• Allows to carry loads up to 300kg.

• The new shield with pulley causes ribbed belts in the direction of length.

• For rolls engines Power Moller ฎ diameter 50 mm and 60 (series 50E/60E)


• Very good transmission: The number of free rolls can be doubled compared with a belt round. Very little loss of speed or torque to the end zone

• Easy installation belts: The belt stretch enough to ease the installation and absorb the differences between axis.

• More than 2 times the capacity of training solution with a belt round.

• A belt with 2 teeth can carry loads up to 50 kg and 300 kg with 3 teeth after the Power Moller ฎ whether they choose.

• Low congestion

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