Members Benefit aspires to be the Industry Association representing the leading worlwide manufacturers and designers of conveyor equipment systems and accessories. seeks to continue to be considered the resource for conveyor safety dimensional and application standards. actively promotes the capabilities of its members worldwide. Membership extends to manufacturing companies that manufacture conveying equipment (Manufacturing Members), or to engineering companies that specify conveying equipment (Technical Members), and who have a presence in the United States, Canada, and all over the world. Its purpose is to promote, among its members and the industry, standardization of design manufacture and application on a voluntary basis and in such manner as will not impede development of conveying machinery and component parts or lessen competition. It also collects monthly industry statistics, and addresses any issues of concern to the membership such as conveyor safety. Its numerous member companies represent the full spectrum of the conveying industry. To accommodate different interest groups, the assocition organizes into sections, as required, to meet their needs. It is currently organized into six product sections: Conveyor Chain Conveyor Controls General Bulk Handling Palletizer Screw Conveyor Unit Handling Conveying & other essential related to Conveyor technology .


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We provide a range of services and resources to encourage and support our members:

  • Access to data from our reference database, which includes Online Information, Latest Research Collection, CDs, Books, Catalogues, Magazines, Trade Information.
  • Provision of a large database of our members for distribution to potential business partners. A variety of other commerce-orientated information are also available.
  • Distribution to members who request information on business opportunities received from
  • Provision of addition of research & share.
  • Provision of business offer.
  • Provision of free information share of the largest site of Zero Emission Vehicles.
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