How Tilt-Tray Sorters work?  
  Definition: How Tilt-Tray Sorters work?

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Designed for high-speed sortation with a very high quantity and density of divert locations, a tilt-tray consists of continuously moving train of independent “trays” that tilt when directed by the control system, causing the product to slide down a chute. Tilt-trays are often used at an individual item level, diverting a series of picks into shipping cartons for example in retail or ecommerce, especially for shoes and apparel. Tilt-trays can handle as many as 10,000 or more pieces per hour, and are generally best suited for small- to medium-size items and high-throughput operations where many sorting locations are required. Picked product is brought to the tilt tray sorter either manually or by conveyor. Enables batch picking of split case picks. Sometimes used for sorting cartons.

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