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Clyde Process Solutions plc (AIM: CPSP), a provider of customer-driven, material handling solutions for process industries, announces that it has been awarded a £1.4 million order by one of the world’s leading providers of household, health and personal care products.

CPS's operating subsidiary, MAC Equipment Inc (“MAC”), will provide this customer with a series of pneumatic conveying and dust collection solutions that will be installed on one of their major dishwashing detergent production facilities in North America. In total, the Group has secured £3.3 million of orders from this customer’s specific plant.

This contract was placed with MAC because of their proven ability to meet the requirement for detergent manufacturers to eliminate phosphates from their formulations. The removal of this material requires a formulation change to the dishwashing detergent manufactured by this customer.

In addition to providing the customer with pneumatic conveying and dust collection systems, MAC will also supply the process control equipment, as well as the project management, installation supervision and commissioning required to accomplish the formulation change-over.

Commenting on this new order, Alex Stewart, Chief Executive of Clyde Process Solutions plc said: “We are delighted to secure this £1.4 million order with one of the world’s leading household, health and personal care producers. Our solution will enable our customer to operate a continuous, reliable production process with their new formulation of product.”

“This order is one of the largest secured by the Group in North America this financial year and brings the cumulative intake generated from this customer’s specific plant to £3.3 million. MAC’s strong expertise in pneumatic conveying and dust collection will be able to deliver a series of energy efficient, environmentally enhancing solutions for our customer. The detergent industry for the CPS Group has been a profitable contributor to our market-driven strategy. We aim to build on this reference specifically within the North American market. This contract has been secured with healthy levels of contribution and is in line with management expectations.”  

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