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Wrights Dowson Group Manufacturer & Exporter Screw Conveyor The original company was formed around 1750 at the site of the current factory in Gamlingay, Bedfordshire by a pair of brothers, Edward and Albert Wright, trading as Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights. In or around 1800 a Sawmills and Coachbuilding... more
Wittenbauer GmbH Manufacturers of custom-built machinery test equipment and conveyor systems. Manufacturer & Exporter Conveyor System Since 1994, Wittenbauer GmbH has ranked among the more innovative manufacturers of custom-built machinery, test equipment and conveyor systems. On the currently more than 2,800 square metres of production and office space,complex systems... more
Wynright Inc Warehouse Equipment, Inc., better known as WEI, changed its name and consolidated with six affiliated companies that have shared common ownership for more than 40 years. Our new name is Wynright Corporation and our goal is to create unsurpassed... more
Wuhu Crane & Conveyor Co., Ltd. Manufacturer & Exporter Bulk Material Basic Information Company Name: Wuhu Crane & Conveyor Co., Ltd. Business Type:Manufacturer Product/Service: Material handling equipment including belt conveyor, bucket elevator, screw conveyor, chain conveyor... more
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