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Company Name: Automatic Feeder Company Inc

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Company Type: Manufacturer & Exporter

Company Category: Bulk Material

Company Profile

We have been operating under the current ownership since 1973. This experience has given us the skills necessary to help in solving your automation needs…

Every system we build is engineered, designed, and manufactured to suit the customer’s application requirements. In the past, we have built a variety of equipment, including:
High Speed Cap/Closure Orienting — Linear & Elevating
Assembly Stations, Lines, and Components
Part Placement & Positioning Systems
Centrifugal Feeders
Overhead, Doorway, Serpentine and Magnetic Conveyor Systems
System Integration
System Reconfiguration/Rebuild

This is just a sampling of our capabilities. Automatic Feeder Company has the expertise and facilities to design and build feed systems (centrifugal, linear, elevating), linear motion devices, and many types of conveyor systems. We can supply you with individual components or complete assembly stations.

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About this Company

Our systems can be controlled by programmable logic controls utilizing the latest available technology. We can also provide you with Listed Industrial Control Panels, if required.

Our machine design department uses AutoCADŽ exclusively in the design of our standard products as well as special applications.

During our thirty plus years , we have experienced a steady growth in sales volume and plant facility space. We are very proud of our growth pattern and strive to continue growing. We work hard to keep up with the latest technological trends so we can continue producing high quality equipment that is in tune with current market requirements.

Free Application or Automatic Feeder Company Overview Video Tapes are available upon request.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to discuss any projects you may have.

Address: 921 Albion Avenue,  City: Schaumburg      State:: IL
Contact:    Phone: (847) 534-2300      Fax:: (888) 534-2355
Website:  Email:  
Registered: 19 January, 2009 14:52
Company Products: Module based conveyor systems
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