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Company Name: MagStar Technologies

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Company Type: Manufacturer & Exporter

Company Category: Conveyor Components

Company Profile

MagStar Technologies is a global supplier of high tech material handling and conveyor solutions, Precision Motorized Spindles, and medical and oil centrifuges. MagStar's Quickdraw® Conveyors are a pioneering design providing high tech automation for many applications, including factories, custom machines, and laboratories. Magstar's REVOLUTION™ Centrifuge Systems provide solutions resulting in superior by-pass filtration, extended drain intervals, and prolonged engine life. Through our global partners, MagStar offers extensive design, machining, and assembly services with all of our products.

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About this Company

The Company was established in 1948 as Reuter Manufacturing, Inc., and specialized in precision machining and assemblies. In late 2000, the Company acquired the assets of MagStar Technologies, Inc., a private high-energy magnet and magnetic assembly company. In early 2001, the Company changed its name to MagStar Technologies, Inc. In February 2001, the Company acquired the assets of Quickdraw® Conveyors, a provider of conveyers and technology for factory, laboratory and equipment automation. The Company is a Minnesota corporation. The principal executive offices of the Company are located at 410 Eleventh Avenue South, Hopkins, Minnesota 55343. The Company's telephone number is (952) 935-6921. Products and Services MagStar is a manufacturer of material handling, motion control, magnetic assemblies, and contract manufactured parts and devices. MagStar's primary product is Quickdraw® brand conveyor systems, used in factory and laboratory automation. MagStar also manufactures customized motion control products, spindles, medical devices, and its other proprietary product, oil centrifuges. MagStar offers engineering, precision machining, and assembly strengths. Products include conveyors for high tech manufacturing, assembly, and laboratory processes, custom servo motors and spindles, motion control devices, linear slides, disposable-based medical centrifuges, and REVOLUTION™ Centrifuge Systems.

Address: 410 Eleventh Avenue South • Hopkins, Minnesota 55343  City: Hopkins      State:: Minnesota
Contact:    Phone: 952.935.6921 • 1.800.473.8837      Fax:: Fax: 952.933.5803
Website:  Email:
Registered: 26 December, 2008 23:43
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