FlexLink has conveyor systems to handle, divert, rotate, push, or accumulate your products in the manufacturing processes" />
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Company Name: FlexLink

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Company Type: Manufacturer & Exporter

Company Category: Conveyor System

Company Profile

FlexLink has conveyor systems to handle, divert, rotate, push, or accumulate your products in the manufacturing processes. With FlexLink, you gain enhanced production efficiency from our conveyor systems, process expertise, and advanced software.

We offer:

  • conveyor systems  
  • conveyor and pallet components 
  • controls and software solutions  
  • integrated packaging, filling, machining or assembly systems      

Production logistics solutions
We define production logistics as the management of material and information flows in a production process. Regardless of manual or automated work processes in your production, you require a continuous flow and a strict control of the products through each step. In your material handling processes this gives reduced floor space, less administration, fewer products in process and lower manufacturing costs.

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About this Company

FlexLink is a knowledge based company providing production logistic solutions to the industry, globally. Our production logistic solutions are based o a combination of hardware, software and deep production competence. We deliver value to customers through our 28 sales units and an extensive network of business partners. In developing and delivering solutions to our customers, we have a sharp focus on profitability to the users. 

We work according to our credos in order to deliver value to customers in accordance to FlexLink’s mission. Clear and robust working processes and good networking enables our co-workers to fulfill their tasks in the daily business life. 

Address: SE-415 50 Göteborg Sweden  City: Göteborg      State:: Sweden
Contact:    Phone:        Fax::  
Website: http://www.flexlink.com/  Email:  
Registered: 23 November, 2008 06:01
Company Products: Alpine conveyor, Accumulation storage retrieval, Elevating, Palletizing, Bucket Elevators, CEMA Standard Component Parts, Conveying, Diverting and merging, Drag Conveyors, Pallet handling systems, Picking and placing, Screw Feeders & Live Bottoms, Shafted Screw Conveyors, Shaftless Screw Conveyors, Vertical Screw Conveyors
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