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Company Name: May Conveyor Co.

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Company Type: Manufacturer & Exporter

Company Category: Conveyor parts & accessories

Company Profile

At the heart of every conveyor is the belting that transports the material. We are a premier manufacturer of conveyor belting of various pitch and chain configurations, for all your metal-working and recycling needs. With decades if experience, we have developed an extreme quality product featuring a fully closed and totally concentric hinge loop. These features provide for stronger and better wearing hinge assembly resulting in longer belt life with less maintenance. Belting is what sets us apart from others as we make our dies in-house by the May Tool & Die Group. These precision components meet all automotive standards. This is how we have become known as a quality supplier in the marketplace today. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, we are the other conveyor company.

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About this Company

May Conveyor Belt provides conveyor belts for standard applications as well as specially designed conveyor belts. What ever your application may be. We offer the finest quality at a very competitve price. Service is second to none as we make certain the customer is completely satisfied.

Address: 9981 York Theta Dr., Cleveland, OH 44113  City: Cleveland      State:: OH
Contact:    Phone: (800) 662-8765      Fax:: (440) 237-1694
Website:  Email:
Registered: 17 November, 2008 01:12
Company Products: Apron Pan Belts, Chain Belts, Combination Belts, Steel Hinged Belts, Z Pan Belts
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