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Company Name: Jorgensen Conveyors, Inc.

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Company Type: Manufacturer & Exporter

Company Category: Conveyor parts & accessories

Company Profile

Jorgensen Conveyors, Inc. was founded in 1950 by Charles T. Jorgensen. Initially, the company was in all phases of general conveyor design, manufacture and installation in many types of manufacturing applications. Our early customers included major manufacturing companies such as International Harvester, American Motors, JI Case, AO Smith, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors. Conveyor types included belt, roller, heavy duty scrap handling and apron conveyors, overhead trolley, slat and chain conveyors.

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About this Company

In the mid '50's Jorgensen began to get involved in conveyors for machine tool applications involving transfer and pallet shuttle systems. Along with these systems, it was at this time that Jorgensen began to build metal belt conveyors to handle chips, turnings and scrap produced by machine tools. These first machine tool chip conveyors were built using belts purchased from other manufacturers. Jorgensen bought the belt, built the conveyor casing and drive and sold the finished unit to the OEM machine tool builder market.

Recognizing the weaknesses of existing metal belts, Jorgensen designed its own belt, had the proper tooling made and began to produce our own belt. The first stamping dies to produce belt parts were made in 1954. At this point, the OEM machine tool market was starting to become a substantial part of Jorgensen's business. Gisholt (Giddings & Lewis), Sundstrand and Greenlee were among our first machine tool builder customers. In the late '50's and early '60's, the machine tool chip conveyor market developed as speeds, feeds and chip volumes increased, creating demand for automated chip handling.

In the succeeding years, Jorgensen continued to refine and improve our original design, and developed our present patented 2-1/2" pitch chain featuring the off-set side wings, chain side bars and axles that pass through the hinge loops of the belt apron plates and all of the chain parts. The patents obtained by Charles T. Jorgensen on the off-set "pass through" side wing came in the early '60's. This design development was a key factor in Jorgensen becoming a major player in the growing machine tool chip conveyor market. It was and still is an ideal chain for the end-user customer since it is so easy to take the belt apart for maintenance purposes. The design was also very cost effective, since it requires fewer parts.

During the '60's, Jorgensen also designed 4", 6", and 9" pitch apron belt with the same ease of assembly and disassembly features for larger scrap and parts handling applications in the metalworking industries. Additional belt designs were developed in the 6" and 9" pitch sizes to meet the more rigorous specifications of the automotive industry.

In 1975 we developed a 1-1/2" pitch belt used primarily for machine tool chip conveyors. This development was driven by the machine tool industry's trend for building smaller machines allowing less space for the chip conveyor. Again, we retained our patented features as to belt detachability.

In 1995 Jorgensen developed the Filterveyor, a chip removal system that addresses the coolant filtration requirements of many of today's high speed CNC metalcutting machine tools.

< Today, Jorgensen enjoys a leading position in the OEM machine tool market in the United States. Major end-user industries served include automotive, construction and agricultural equipment, aerospace, appliance and contract machine shops. We recently established a joint venture with a company in the United Kingdom to gain new business in the European market.

Jorgensen's design innovation and willingness to build to the customers specifications in the formative years of the machine tool chip conveyor market helped to establish our leading position in the industry. The company continues to be owned and operated by third generation descendants of Charles T. Jorgensen. Jorgensen currently operates in a 100,000 square foot office and manufacturing facility in Mequon, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee.

Address: Jorgensen Conveyors 10303 N. Baehr Road Mequon, WI 53092-4611 262-242-3089  City: Mequon      State:: Mequon
Contact:    Phone: 53092-4611 262-242-3089      Fax:: 262-242-4382
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Registered: 11 November, 2008 02:51
Company Products: 1 1/2\" Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors
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