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Company Name: Overland Conveyor Co., Inc.

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Overland Conveyor Co., Inc. (OCC) is a consulting engineering firm based in Lakewood, CO USA who specializes in bulk material handling by belt conveyor. OCC provides belt conveyor system design, engineering and performance evaluations using both static (Belt Analyst IITM) and dynamic (Dynamic AnalystTM) methodologies. OCC also provides component design and engineering services using classical mathematical, solid, finite element and discrete element modelling techniques.

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About this Company

OCC have pioneered the use of Discrete Element Methods to simulate bulk material flow through conveyor transfers. In addition, OCC have developed specialized software for horizontal curve analysis, pipe conveyors and cable belt conveyors. Other services include the development of control algorithms for starting and stopping, specification writing and both design and performance audits. Other field services include component or system troubleshooting, failure analysis, non-destructive testing, data collection and manufacturing or installation supervision. OCC also markets engineering software and develops custom software including component design, system analysis and AutoCAD automation.

Address: 12640 W Cedar Dr Ste D  City: Lakewood,      State:: United States
Contact:    Phone: (303) 973-7357      Fax:: (303) 217-5208
Website: http://www.overlandconveyor.com/  Email:  
Registered: 02 November, 2008 02:29
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