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Company Name: Zhejiang Tianji Rubber Co.,Ltd.

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Company Type: Supplier & Distributor

Company Category: Continental conveyor

Company Profile

Located in the East of the National “AAAA” Grade Scenery-The Tiantai Mountain,Zhejiang Tianji Rubber Co.,Ltd.is adjacent to shang san Highway and enjoys convenient transportation.It was established in 1998.It covers eighty thousand square meters and one hundred thousand square meters of building parts.Zhejiang Tianji Rubber Co.,ltd has Eight sets of Common Conveyor Belt Production Lines and One set of Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Production Line.Now,Zhejiang Tianji Rubber Co.,ltd can produce the conveyor Belt with 400mm-2400mm in width.Our company mainly produces series of products capacity of 10 million square meters of rubber conveyor belts.Our main products include standard(Commom)type;High strength type(NN,EP and steel cord);Chemcal resistant type;Heat resistant type;High temperature resistant type;Cold resistant type;Anti-tear type and etc.Our company also has sets of Vee btlt production lines.The annual production capability is three million and eighty hundred thousand A meters.

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About this Company

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Address: No.8,Hongchou East Road,Tiantai,Taizhou,Zhejiang,CHINA  City: Taizhou      State:: Zhejiang
Contact: KEVIN YUE  Phone: 0086-576-83012003      Fax:: 0086-576-83010078
Website: http://www.tianji-rubber.com  Email:
Registered: 11 January, 2010 21:35
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