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Company Name: Bryant Products

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Company Type: Manufacturer & Exporter

Company Category: Conveyor parts & accessories

Company Profile

Bryant is a well-known manufacturer of high quality, innovative conveyor parts. Pioneers in conveyor tube forming, precision belt pulleys, and advanced plastic conveyor roller design, Bryant Products has earned worldwide recognition as an innovative leader in custom conveyor parts for the industrial material handling fields.

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About this Company

Provider of industrial material handling conveyor components, including conveyor telescopers, belt take-ups, rollers, roller belts, and more. Our services and experience are extensive in CNC machining, Tube forming and fabricating, injection molding, urethane coating, conveyor parts design, and high volume assembly.

Address: W1388 Elmwood Avenue  City: Ixonia      State:: Wisconsin
Contact: Fred Thimmel  Phone: 800-825-3874      Fax:: 920-206-6929
Website:  Email:
Registered: 11 January, 2010 21:34
Company Products: Take-up Stroke 3, MS-100
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