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Company Name: Dura-Belt

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Company Type: Manufacturer & Exporter

Company Category: Conveyor Components

Company Profile

Dura-Belt manufactures high-quality urethane belts, idler pulleys and line-shaft spools. Our main products include long-life o-ring belts, twisted quick-connect belts and the Speedy Belt Installer™. We offer a two-year warranty and same-day shipping, as well as free samples and technical help. Our goal is to manufacture high quality, innovative products and offer fast, friendly customer service.

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About this Company

Our company was formed in Ohio in 1987 to sell urethane belts to distributors, installers, and OEMs. In 1991 the company was purchased by Jim Hammond, a physicist who worked at Jet Propulsion Labs and was Director of Technology at Atlantic Richfield Corp (ARCO). Mr. Hammond's goal was to bring high technology to the relatively low tech belting business, including a quality control system that was a forerunner of ISO 9000. Within a year the company's name was changed to DuraBelt to reflect the development of two new proprietary products, a Super-Strong welding process and a more resilient urethane (Cyclothane-A). In 1994 DuraBelt introduced the "World's Longest Belt Warranty". To the best of our knowledge, it still remains as the longest, fixed-duration, written belt warranty for urethane belting in the world - two full years.

Address: 2909 Scioto Darby Executive Ct.  City: Hilliard      State:: OH
Contact:    Phone: 800-770-2358      Fax:: 614-777-9448
Website: http://www.durabelt.com/  Email:
Registered: 08 December, 2009 00:20
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