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Company Name: Berndorf Belt Systems USA

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Company Type: Manufacturer & Exporter

Company Category: Conveyor parts & accessories

Company Profile

For more than 25 years, Berndorf Belt Systems USA has been manufacturing & supplying high-quality solid steel conveyor belting from individual units to total belting systems for the most demanding applications. We have contacts throughout the world, but our products are proudly made in the U.S.A. On top of offering quality products, we offer a full engineering & service staff to meet requirements.

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About this Company

The Berndorf conglomerate Berndorf Band, Berndorf Belt Systems and Berndorf Belt Technology USA is recognized as a leader in engineering and manufacturing of solid steel belts and continuous steel belt conveyor systems for melt solidification, cooling and drying of chemical, petrochemical, plastic, food and rubber products. Berndorf provides worldwide sales, service and system maintenance for custom designed steel belts, conveyor systems, transfer systems and material handling systems.

Address: 2525 Bath Road  City: Elgin      State:: IL
Contact:    Phone: (1) 800-393-8450      Fax:: (1) 847-931-5299
Website:  Email:
Registered: 07 December, 2009 23:39
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