Ancra Systems BV  
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Company Name: Ancra Systems BV

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Company Type: Pallet handling systems

Company Category: Conveyor System

Company Profile

Ancra Systems is THE specialist in the field of automatic truck (un)loading systems, also known as ATLS: from standard systems to customised solutions. Geared to your industry and calculated to meet your logistic requirements.

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About this Company

Ancra Systems streamlines trailer loading and unloading processes worldwide and has been doing so for more than 20 years.

Address: Staarten 14  City: Boxtel      State::  
Contact:    Phone: 0031 411 677 865      Fax:: 0031 411 677 315
Website:  Email:
Registered: 07 December, 2009 23:33
Company Products: Chain Conveyor System
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