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Company Name: Conveyor Dynamics

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Company Type: Manufacturer & Exporter

Company Category: Conveyor System

Company Profile

Conveyor Dynamics manufactures a comprehensive line of vibratory conveyors and other vibrating equipment. We believe that our future rests on each and every conveying system we build. Our commitment goes beyond design, engineering and manufacturing. We provide recommendations, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and extra heavy duty service after the sale. From design to delivery, we perform like nobody else in the business.

Our specialty is producing heavy duty industrial conveyor systems that thrive in the foundry, mining, and concrete industries, as well as scrap metal, chemical, powder, glass, recycling, and forestry applications. Our custom conveyors and vibratory processing equipment are multi-functional, can be hooded for dust collection, and can be lined with anything required. If you have material that needs to be moved, screened, cooled, sorted, oriented, or dried in the most efficient manner possible, we have the experience and knowledge to make it happen.

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About this Company

Conveyor Dynamics is a manufacturer of extra heavy duty conveyor equipment. Whatever your industrial application may be, we will have a solution for you. If you need materials to be moved, separated, screened, sorted, we have the vibratory screener, separator, part feeder, or vibratory table for you. Now that you know a little more about our products, learn what differentiates our product from others on the market:

Extra Heavy Duty Design
If your application involves abrasive materials, abusive and/or impact loading, densities greater than 100 PCF, high capacities, or elevated temperatures, you need extra heavy duty machinery and components. Take our patented extra heavy duty ductile iron stabilizers. They provide superior strength, have the convenience of replaceable bushings and are much easier to install. Extra Heavy Duty means that your maintenance and accounting departments will finally agree with each other and you'll be the hero (with a little bit of help from your friends at Conveyor Dynamics).

Simply put, extra heavy duty is the sum of all the best conveyor technologies known brought together in one reliable machine. Each conveyor we build is specifically designed and engineered for your application. Most machines utilize a counterbalanced and isolated design that eliminates any second guessing about vibration transmission while reducing time and installation costs since no concrete embedded steel beams are required. Further, all of our conveyors are constructed from high grade steel (up to one inch thick in some cases) and are structurally reinforced for added integrity. The chrome manganese steel drive springs and stabilizers form strong structural triangles which are forgiving under impact loads.

Counterbalanced and Isolated Design
Aside from reducing the risk of vibration transmission, a counterbalanced and isolated conveyor is a breeze to install. It requires no massive concrete foundations - just set it in place and turn it on. There are no surprises, no hidden costs, and no extended shut-downs. It is also ideal for upper floor and suspended applications. Simply put, a counterbalanced and isolated conveyor will save you time, frustration, and money, while maintaining harmony with your neighbors.

Modern and Efficient Drives
Our natural frequency dynamic drive systems are simply the best. We offer a variety of natural frequency dynamic drives designed for specific applications including bi-directional, coil spring drives, dynamically balanced, counterbalanced and isolated. They eliminate the old shear mount and rubber compression drives. Our energy efficient dynamic drives overcome the limitations of Brute Force systems. It's simple really, when you make steel do something it doesn't want to do, it will eventually fatigue, then crack. That's why our natural frequency systems are perfect for abusive applications. They are reliable. They can handle varying loads. They can be started and stopped as many as five times a minute. They use lower horsepower. They require far less maintenance. They work in extra wide and long length applications. And, with variable speed, they give you full process rate control. Why not take a closer look here by clicking on any of our listings on the left side of this page, better yet, contacting us for a demonstration of what our equipment can do for you!

Vibratory Equipment
Mold Dump Conveyors
Sorting Conveyors
Transfer Conveyors
Automated Indexing Carriages
Furnace Charging Systems
Shakeouts / Screens
Two-Way Conveyors
Weigh Hoppers
Shot Blast Discharge Conveyors
Accumulating Conveyors
Lump Crushers / Reclaimers
Preheat Conveyors
Complete Engineered Systems

Partial Client List
GM Powertrain
Ford Meter Box Company
AFK Corporation
Wisconsin Aluminum
Goodyear Rubber & Tire Company
ALTEK International
Nemak S.A.
Clow Valve
Eaton Corporation
Lee Brass Company
ABB Metallurgy Inc.
Dexter Foundry
Teledyne Casting Service
Honda of America
Century Castings
Georg Fischer DISA
Intermet Foundries
Rochester Metal Products
Thyssenkrupp Waupaca, Inc.

Address: Conveyor Dynamics Corporation, Riverside Industrial Center, 7000 West Geneva Drive, Saint Peters, MO 63376 USA  City: Saint Peters      State:: MO
Contact: Michael S. Didion, President/CEO  Phone: 636-279-1111      Fax:: 636-279-1121
Website:  Email:
Registered: 29 March, 2008 09:06
Company Products: Bale Breaker, Downstream Turnkey System, Eddy-Current Separator, Flat and Trough Idlers, Flat Slider style conveyors, Roller Chain Belt Conveyors, Steel Belt Conveyors, Trommel Screen, Under Mill Oscillator
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