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Company Name: Van Beek

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Company Type: Supplier & Distributor

Company Category: Conveyor System

Company Profile

The screw conveyors that we build are customized piece by piece, but above all they are build by professionals. Since we are development and production specialists, we have gathered a lot of knowledge and craftsmanship. We take pride in this! That is why Van Beek makes no concessions to the

quality. Because it is only by supplying a top quality product that we can ensure that you will return as a satisfied customer. This really gives us a sense of pride. In short, whether the project involves a single screw conveyor or a complex project, you can always count on Van Beek

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About this Company

Van Beek in Drunen is the specialist in the area of superb stainless steel screw conveyor systems and they supply them globally, in particular to the chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and food industries.
Core activities
The organization's core activities consist of designing and manufacturing screw conveyors, screw heat exchangers and bulk truck loading equipment. They are all designed to process bulk material, like powders, grains, flakes, granulate, paste etc. etc. Van Beek is characterized by offering total solutions, superb quality and service. About thirty five enthusiastic, driven and highly involved employees are helping to raise the company to a higher level.
Van Beek's history goes back to 1939. Since then Van Beek has developed to a leading company of the Benelux market. More than 50% of the sales head directly or indirectly abroad, which means that the products must be of an absolute superior quality in order to prevent any disruptions at its customers.

Address: Lipsstraat 42 5151 RP Drunen (the Netherlands)  City: Lipsstraat      State:: Drunen
Contact:    Phone: +31(0)416375225      Fax:: +31(0)416378350
Website:  Email:
Registered: 11 September, 2009 16:29
Company Products: DinoŽ bulk truck loaders, Dosing systems, Engineering to order, Hypreme hygienic concepts, Screw elevators, Screws, Shaftless screw conveyors, Trough conveyors
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