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Company Name: Airconveyors international BV

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Company Type: Manufacturer & Exporter

Company Category: Conveyor System

Company Profile

Airconveyors International BV specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of conveyor systems in all branches of industry where bulk materials are handled.
Since its establishment Airconveyors International BV in Drachten brings into practice all the advantages of air supported conveyors (Airconveyors®) to the benefit of your company.

We offer turnkey solutions. You will be doing business with an experienced group of men who know everything of conveying, bulk handling and logistics.

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About this Company

Company description Vertical conveyors are an excellent solution when product is to be transported to a higher level on a relatively small floor space. Internovi is specialized in engineering, control, delivery and installation of vertical conveyor systems. Internovi supplies custom made systems. On the basis of your demands and specifications we look for an optimal solution. Point of departure is always a most favourable price/performance relation. CONTINUOUS BUCKET ELEVATORS: In Holland, Internovi is the only company supplying this unique soundless solution for horizontal-vertical-horizontal conveying. Bucket elevators are used for the gentle transport of bulk materials in throughputs upto 200 m3/hour. The elevator consists of a closed bucket belt in which the buckets are fitted by means of flexible connectors, so that spillage is reduced to a minimum. The bucket elevator transports materials from various infeed points to one central discharge point. MULTI-DISCHARGE BUCKET ELEVATORS: Multi-discharge bucket elevators have the same capacities and are used in the same areas of application as bucket elevators. This type of bucket elevator can be loaded at various infeed points but, unlike the bucket elevator, the buckets can be discharged separately at various discharge points. At the discharge points, the buckets are individually ( for example pneumatically) turned over. An additional application possibility of these elevators is their use as dosing unit for packaging, weighing ore counting systems. Contrary to the bucket elevators, the buckets are not interconnected so that they can turn over individually. INCLINE BELTCONVEYORS: Depending on the available surface area, various incline conveyors can be used to ensure trouble-free vertical transport. The construction and conveyorbelt choice is based on, capacity, inclination angle, product dimensions, chemical contents, temperature, etc. SIDEWALL BELTCONVEYORS: These incline beltconveyors are custom made and designed for throughputs till 1.500 t/hr. Based on your demands and specifications. The construction and conveyorbelt choice is based on, capacity, inclination angle, product dimensions, chemical contents, temperature, etc. CONTINUOUS ELEVATORS: Continuous elevators are used to transport a wide range of piece goods from for instance one floor to other(s). They are used in conveying systems whereby goods have to be conveyed to a higher level with 90 degrees inclination. Capacities amount to approx. 3.000 pc/h at a belt speed of up to 0,7 m/sec. DISCONTINUOUS ELEVATORS: This type of elevator is used in conveying systems covering different loading and discharge levels but with a desired capacity limited to approx. 150 pieces/hour at a conveying height of 4.000 mm.

Address: Postbus 489, 9200 AL Drachten, The Netherlands  City: AL Drachten      State::  
Contact:    Phone: +31 (0)512-546129      Fax:: +31 (0)512-546139
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Registered: 05 August, 2009 09:13
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