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Company Name: PFANDER

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Company Type: Manufacturer & Exporter

Company Category: Conveyor parts & accessories

Company Profile

For 10 years PFANDER has supplied leading aluminium packaging manufactures in many countries with a range of special conveying systems. Some years ago, the maintenance technicians of our customers – the people actually using these parts – asked us: "Hey, you guys over there in Germany, can´t you get me the spare part, we have got problems sourcing them...."

We decided to try out this idea and waited to see what would happen. It worked well, and we now supply lots of parts: Gearboxes, motors, big clutches for presses, control elements. We do so even when the manufacturer of these spare parts has an importer or sales-branch in the country we are supplying to. Apparently our service is good, and our prices are competitive. Simply said: Our customer are satisfied!

After doing so now for many years, we thought it is time we offer our service to other customers as well.
You are welcome to try us.

We are a nice team of experts who are comitted to serving your spare parts needs. Here at PFANDER we have the onsite warehousing and shipping facilities. We work with a network of airfreight and seafreight forwarding specialists, enabling us to give top service to our customers.
As proof of our success: Not only USA and Canada, but as well countries such as Australia and Chile continue to be satisfied with our service.

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About this Company

PFANDER is the alternative for a quick and reliable source of spare parts directly from Germany and Europe.
You will get spare parts hassle free: We organize air-freight shipment to your nearest airport. On request we organize transport to your place including all importing procedures as well.

Address: Handelsgesellschaft mbH ,Kepler Strasse 11  City: Reutlingen      State:: Reutlingen
Contact:    Phone: 49 - 7121 - 37186      Fax:: 49 - 7121 - 37186
Website:  Email:
Registered: 30 July, 2009 09:41
Company Products: Chains, Clutch, Machinery Component, Motors, Sensors, Tooling, Tungsten Carbide Tooling
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