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Company Name: ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group

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Company Type: Manufacturer & Exporter

Company Category: Conveyor parts & accessories

Company Profile

Thermally stable and resistant to wear, rot, corrosion and chemicals, steel-cable con-veyor belts achieve a long service life while requiring little maintenance. Depending on the application, fabric-reinforced conveyor belts transport goods containing oil and grease, hot goods (up to 200°C) or sharp-edged goods, even up inclines of up to 30°. The products of Roulunds Tech are a sensible addition to the ContiTech assortment.
STAHLCORD® steel cord conveyor belts
MAXOFLEX® sidewall belt
SICON® belt
TransConti® fabric-ply belts
CONTIFLEX® EP conveyor belts
CONTITAN® two ply conveyor belts
CONTICOAL® underground belts
Duoply® two ply belts for underground
Durabelt® PVC/PVG belts
Durastar® wear and cut resistant belts
Duracid® acid-resistant belts
Steep-angle and vertical conveyor belts
CONTIFLEX® VULKAN hot-materials conveyor belts
CONTIFLEX® OIL oil and grease resistant belts
ContiClean®A-H unique conveyor belt with anti-adhesive coating that minimizes standstill times and cuts cleaning costs
Special-purpose conveyor belts
Belts for special-duty applications and functions
CORREX® pulley lagging and abrasion-resistant material
CONREPA® cold repair and splicing material
CONTI® SECUR contact adhesive
CONTIPLUS® metal primer
Corrugated side walls and cleats
Elastomer sheeting
Bearing pads of various design

We support our customers by providing a comprehensive service. We accompany every order from initial planning and consultation through start-up to after-sales service of the products in use.

RopeCon – a cableway conveyor and a combination of conveyor belt and aerial rope-way. The concept is advantageous wherever high conveying capacity is needed in rough terrain or across forests and wide rivers. In addition, it can be used on inclines up to 20 de-grees. The new transportation concept has been developed together with the Austrian cable car manufacturer, Doppelmayr AG, and the Austrian plant construction company, Doubrava GmbH & Co.KG. and ContiTech is supplying the conveyor belt for this unique conveyor sys-tem.

CONTI CLEAN A-H®: a conveyor belt with anti-stick coating. It minimizes downtime and cuts cleaning costs. Conveyor belts equipped with this cover layer not only repel dirt and guard against caking, thereby helping to reduce costs for cleaning and servicing – whether it´s REA plaster or fine sand, compost or household garbage to be conveyed. They are also resistant to oil and grease, as well as aging and atmospheric influences. And they are anti-electrostatic. What's more, ContiTech engineers have also succeeded in extending the ser-vice of the belts by further reducing scraper-induced cover wear.

CONTITRONIC® Conveyor Belt System with Transponder technology for identifying, controlling and monitoring of conveyor belts.ContiTech utilises integrated circuits that act as receiver, memory and transmitter, in our products to store and transmit all relevant data about belt type, splice and operation.

With long conveyors the moving resistance is decisive for the required power. The domi-nant factor therein is the indentation loss which can be significantly influenced by the proper-ties of the rubber covers of the belt. With finite element methods (FEM) ,as well as latest test-ing measuring technologies, ContiTech has developed an energy optimised cover, which can reduce the indentation losses by more than 30% compared with conventional covers.

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About this Company

We are manufacturer of conveyor belts and conveyor belt service material, developer of "intelligent" conveyor belt systems (ContiTronic ®) for controlling, monitoring and identifying. In addition we offer a worldwide mounting service.

Meeting conveying needs around the world - that is what ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group stands for: ContiTech steel-cable and fabric-reinforced conveyor belts allow for maximum conveying capacities, even under extreme climatic and topographic conditions - in mining, in loading and unloading plants, and in other industries. Their tough construction guarantees high breaking load and good impact resistance. Thanks to ContiTech's excellent material competence, the conveyor belts demonstrate minimal elongation even on long distances.

Address: Breslauer Straße 14 Northeim D57154 Germany  City: Northeim      State:: Northeim
Contact:    Phone: +49 5551 702 207      Fax:: +49 5551 702 504
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Registered: 20 March, 2009 01:19
Company Products: Steel Cord Conveyor Belts For Extreme Loads in Open-pit and Underground Mining
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