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Company Name: Kornylak Corporation

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Company Type: Manufacturer & Exporter

Company Category: Conveyor System

Company Profile

Since 1946, the Kornylak Corporation has been a consistent innovator and pacesetter in the fields of innovative wheel designs, material handling, cellular processes, special vehicles, and military equipment. In each field, equipment and processes developed by Kornylak, and covered by over 100 patents, are recognized internationally for their superior design and performance.

The Kornylak Corporation serves four major markets: industrial and commercial material handling, military material handling equipment and devices, agricultural and cargo handling vehicles, and machinery for the processing of cellular plastics.

As industry material handling needs have become more sophisticated, the need for total system planning and specialized equipment development has become progressively more important. Kornylak Corporation has geared its policies, personnel, facilities and products to fill these needs. Our future goals lie in the same direction with quality-engineered products that keep one step ahead of industry's demands, with services that back up these products.

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About this Company

Kornylak Corporation is an engineering-oriented manufacturing company that specializes in the design and construction of special machinery for the material handling and storage industry, and insulation manufacturing industry. Our innovative conveyor systems are used in multiple applications. Our wheels are used for material handling, conveyors, and robots. Our insulation manufacturing equipment is in use all over the world producing insulated panels for a myriad of functions.

Address: 400 Heaton Street, Hamilton, Ohio 45011 USA  City: Hamilton      State:: Ohio
Contact: Tom Kornylak  Phone: 513.863.1277      Fax:: 513.863.7644
Website: http://www.kornylak.com/  Email:
Registered: 23 March, 2008 11:02
Company Products: Armorbelt® Steel Belt Conveyor For Manufacturing & Material Handling, Building Panel Insulation Manufacturing Equipment From Kornylak, Heavy Duty Macrobelt® Conveyors For Material Handling, Karry-All® Low-Lift & High-Lift Cargo Trucks, Kornylak Pioneered Palletflo® Urethane Wheels For Pallet Flow Live Storage, Mini-Wheels® Lightweight Wheels For Carton Flow & Gravity Flow Conveyors, Multi Directional Omniwheel Robot & Conveyor Wheels
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