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Company Name: Alien Fabricon India

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Company Type: Picking and placing

Company Category: Conveyor System

Company Profile

Alien Fabricon (India) is one of the pioneers in the field of manufacturing all types of conveyors and conveyor systems like Magnetic Crown Conveyor System, P.P. Cap (Closure) Feeding System, Bottle Conveyor and Crate Loading System. Our mission is to maintain leadership in the area of conveyor and conveyor systems. Our aim is to provide the most competitive priced equipment with the highest standards of quality, user friendly operation, and maintenance-free performance year after year, which must meet our customers requirements and exceeds their expectations.

Today Alien Fabricon (India) has established its leadership for its products in Beverages, Breweries, Dairy, Distilleries, Food Processing and Pharmaceutical industries from Multinational Corporations and National giants. State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and stringent quality control at each and every level of manufacturing is the secret of our success.

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About this Company

Our in-house R & D Department is always busy in developing machinery to meet the requirements of our demanding customers. As a result Alien Fabricon (India) has achieved many firsts— viz. Alien Fabricon is first in India to manufacture "Magnetic Crown Conveyor System" "P.P. Cap (Closure) Feeding System",and also first to develop Rollon (Aluminum) Cap Feeding System.

When you deal with Alien Fabricon rest assured that the products offered
are state-of-the-art design
are cost efficient
are consistent in performance
are user friendly
need virtually little maintenance
deliver precise product quality
are backed by real customer service
include prompt customer support

Alien Fabricon (India) also provides engineering consultancy for any industrial machinery. The Company has designed and developed many products for their clients which are today performing successfully!
In other words—
If you can think it – We can probably design and build it.

Address: 1/B - Subhash Industrial Estate, Ramol Road, Nr. CTM, Ahmedabad - 380 026 Gujarat, India.  City: Ahmedabad      State:: Gujarat
Contact:    Phone: 25855890      Fax:: +91-79-25855892
Website:  Email:
Registered: 23 January, 2009 02:24
Company Products: Aluminium Rollon Cap Elevator, Magnetic Crown Elevators, P.P. Caps ( Closures ) Feeding System
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