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Company Name: Aerobelt CC

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Company Type: Designer & Architecture

Company Category: Conveyor System

Company Profile

AEROBELT c.c can offer the design, manufacture, project management, and erection of all spheres
of the material handling spectrum. With a combined expertise of many years, AEROBELT ensures that the
most suitable product will be selected for the clients application.

The company policy is to ensure that the client has components only of the highest quality,
thereby AEROBELT implements a 62 page quality control document for all aspects of manufacturing and site

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About this Company

AEROBELT c.c. was registered (2002/049307/23) as a company on the 6th May 2002. The principal
members of the company are Lee Thain and Louis Masurik who are specialists in the field of material handling,
and have worked together on various projects over the past 20 years.

Lee Thain began his career in material handling in 1982 and has remained in this field, specializing
primarily, in the design and implementation of Air- supported belt conveyors.Lee was instrumental in the design
and implementation of the widest air- supported belt conveyors ever made worldwide. These are 2100mm wide
flat air- supported conveyors capable of conveying 1 ton per square metre. These conveyors are installed at
various sugar mills in South Africa and neighbouring states and are working with remarkable success. South
Africa is recognized as the leaders in air-supported belt conveying worldwide.

Louis Masurik has been involved with the bulk handling industry since 1973, more with the service and
component supply aspects for the major industries in Kwa Zulu Natal and other African countries. Louis has
patented and developed several products used on belt conveyors, and has been responsible for the supply of
components and technical input for large projects across Africa. He also has several years experience with air-
supported belt conveyors.

Address: PO Box 17364, Benoni West, 1503 South Africa  City: Benoni West      State:: Benoni West
Contact:    Phone: +27 11 422 4202 / 3      Fax:: +27 11 422 4202
Website:  Email:
Registered: 21 January, 2009 02:56
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